Oro, the Incredible Dog

1st Printing


Will Jacobs, a high school history teacher, wins millions on the lottery and his good fortune continues while on a camping trip with Lea, his lady friend. Oro’s owner, Darcie, has taken a vacation camping in Colorado with Oro and pulls in to tent camp next to the site where Lea and Will had pulled in earlier with his new motorhome.   He befriends Oro, a golden retriever. Oro is not your average “man’s best friend” dog, for he possesses the ability to understand all human speech and is able to read all human thought.


Oro has never been able to act upon what comes to him … until he runs across Will. In the chance meeting, Oro is amazed to find that Will “hears” his thoughts [as no other human has done before] so they are also able to communicate with each other. Will spends as much time with Oro as he can, while at the campground.  He does not tell Lea nor Darcie about what occurred in the “magical” meeting between man and beast.  A fact he is not proud of, but he’s concerned of the outcome if Darcie knew of Oro’s ability.